Apart from offering professional fundraising, Natango Invest consults its clients actively and on a long-term basis. This might apply to market entry strategies, sales support, client servicing or the extension of an established client base. We believe in the success of a trustful and long-term relationship between equal partners.

An important pillar of our philosophy is to carefully select and diversify our product portfolio by choosing asset classes that complement each other providing not only higher returns but also portfolio protection to our investor base in various market conditions. We work hard to get a deep understanding of the investment strategies that we represent. Through active, trustworthy and competent advice we aim to provide added value for investors and product partners alike.

Our manager selection process is based on extensive research criteria such as a convincing investment approach, reasonable risk/return profile, long-term performance track record and position/success of the manager in its local market.

By applying a thorough due diligence process, we provide access to national and international niche players that our investor base might not find through available public information.

Natango Invest was founded by Alexandra von Kalnein in January 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. The company acts as a successor of the German branch of Hyde Park Investment Ltd (HPI) and is still part of its pan-European network.

Mrs. von Kalnein has more than 20 years of experience in institutional sales for multi-national full providers as well as for focussed investment boutiques.

The root for the name „Natango Invest“, can be found in the province Natango in East Prussia where the von Kalnein’s family originated some centuries ago. Historical evidence shows that the inhabitants of this region were characterised by discipline, diligence, perseverance and honesty. We strive to apply these virtues in our daily actions.