COVID19 has shaken the entire economy and led to an extremely volatile market environment. Investors therefore act very cautiously and large Pension Funds often have almost no risk capital available anymore. Above all, investments that are considered crisis-proof, such as residential real estate, are in demand. It is worth looking beyond the traditional asset classes; there are very interesting niche markets with an attractive risk/return ratio. The prerequisite for this is to be open to new investment strategies and to expand the network. But this is precisely what poses the greatest challenge at the moment with travel and contact restrictions.

The way decision makers communicate has changed massively. The entire process of investment decisions has become digital. Research based on databases, such as Morningstar, is often the first and decisive step in selection by institutional investors. Only those who successfully overcome this first digital hurdle will remain on the radar screen of investors, so to speak. Asset managers who are still rather unknown on the market have a hard time.

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